Matt Mills Artist Designer Austin Texas


Hey there it's Matt Mills. I am a multifaceted artist, designer, and software engineer from Austin, Texas. Stock&Render is a project I created as an outlet for sharing my experimental artistic creations. The name Stock&Render comes from the way I create, combining stock images, textures, and 3D rendered elements into a unique style of digital artwork.

The artwork you'll find on this site and in my Instagram feed is a culmination of many years of drawing, designing, and playing around with every piece of creative software I could get my hands on. Inspired heavily by a wide range of music, I try to give my artwork a distinct emotional feel using shapes, symmetry, and color. These days I'm working on a lot of album artwork and gig posters for bands and musicians which I think is a testament to the vibe the artwork gives off. 

Check out this short interview I did with Mextures for a deeper look into how I work: MEXTURES SHORT: MATT MILLS

Artwork Licensing
Some of my previously created artwork is available for licensing. I'm slowly adding digital downloads to this website here. In the meantime, please send me a message if you're interested in using a piece of artwork as an album cover or poster for one of your projects.

If you need a custom piece of artwork created, I may be available for short-term commissioned work. Feel free to contact me with some details about your project so I can give you my availability and an accurate quote.